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Feeding Minds: Mental Health and the Food Industry

Join us for an important discussion on mental health in the food industry. We’ll dive into new data and discuss steps taken by the industry so far, from creating a better work-life balance and improving benefits to building physical spaces that are more accommodating to employees. 

Thursday, June 1st at 12 pm CT

The Future of Mental Health in Food 

Strides have been made in the food industry in recent years to care for employees in a more holistic way, from improving sick leave policies to providing mental health services. But there’s more that can be done. Learn how from your peers.

Here’s what you’ll learn:

  • New data surrounding the state of mental health care in the industry
  • Research on consumer attitudes surrounding service workers’ well-being
  • Examples of operators on the forefront of improving mental health care
  • Takeaways for those wanting to offer more for their employees
Join us for this can't-miss event! 

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