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Simply Smarter Webinar Series

Join thousands of your industry peers as we explore the latest foods, technology, and macro forces for the coming year and beyond 🚀

We'll see you on Thursday, April 6th for The Flavor Event, where you'll learn the latest flavor trends, and some fascinating flavor connections including attributes that create cross-liking of flavors.

Uncovering the latest and greatest in the world of food and beverage insights.

For almost 3 years, the Datassential team has hosted 80+ free bi-weekly webinars — presenting on everything from weird and wacky trends to the state of the foodservice industry. 

Tune into the Simply Smarter Webinar Series for the latest food and beverage trends, industry news, consumer research and more, including critical information on issues most important to the industry, such as the recovery from COVID-19 and the latest supply chain challenges.

You’ll be in the company of thousands of other food professionals and join them for a lively and informative discussion on a number of topics, incorporating expert perspectives from the fields of data science, psychology, nutrition and more. You don’t want to miss it

Topics we will cover...

  • 2023 Food Trends

  • The Top 500 Chain Report

  • Mid-Year Trends

  • 2023 Foodservice Forecast

  • State of the Menu

  • Trending topics like plant-based, sustainability, and more


🚨 Important note: We've moved to monthly! If you've previously registered for the series, follow these instructions to update your calendar to the first Thursday of every month.