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Join the industry's single largest Operator Panel and get paid to provide your opinions and influence brands!

Datassential — the leading global food and beverage intelligence platform that's trusted by 92% of the largest food and beverage companies — is looking for decision makers in the industry to join our Operator Panel.

Operators — including but not limited to commercial and non-commercial foodservice, retail, and convenience store — from all over the United States will get to learn about and influence leading brands’ products, services, prices and more. The best part is that we will pay you for providing your valuable insights!

Registration is absolutely free. We will never try to sell you anything and your information is private.

The way it all works is simple...after registering and confirming your qualifications, we will send you surveys. For each survey you successfully complete, you will receive reward points right upon completion (1 reward point = $1). Typically a survey is worth between 15-20 reward points and takes about 10-15 minutes to complete. You can redeem your reward points for Amazon eGift Cards right away, or you can choose to accumulate reward points to redeem an Amazon eGift card of a higher value at a later time.

Interested in joining the panel? Start your registration below.


Questions? Please email customerservice@datassential.com