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Plant-Based: The Next Wave of Growth

What's next for plant-based? Here's a look at what you'll find in our Plant-Based Keynote.

Plant-Based Eating Evolves

Plant-based foods are seemingly everywhere today, capping a rocket-fast ride from being a largely unfamiliar term just a few years ago.  

And while growth is slowing, plant-based is merely transitioning into a lifestyle for many consumers. While vegetarian and vegan diets are still relatively rare, almost a quarter (22%) of Americans call themselves flexitarian and focus on eating less meat.

Check out this sneak peek of our new Plant-Based Keynote where you’ll find valuable insights about the growth in demand for plant-based eating, and how operators are planning to “meat” it.

Inside this report you'll learn:

  • How consumer affinity is changing for plant-based foods
  • How operators are preparing for the next wave of plant-based eating
  • The growth potential of plant-based menu items

Insights in this report:

Plant-Based Key Indicators

93% of consumers say the amount of plants they've eaten in the past year has increased or stayed the same

Plant-Based Key Indicators2

95% of operators anticipate their sales of plant-based options will increase or stay the same in the upcoming year

Plant-Based Key Indicators3

39% of consumers say they would swap a meat burger for plant-based if it were less expensive