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Sustainability Keynote Sneak Peek

This free report gives a sneak peek at the latest sustainability research for the food and beverage industry.

Seventy-seven percent of consumers would sacrifice functionality to be more environmentally friendly when it comes to disposable food products.

In this free report, get a sneak peek at Datassential's Sustainability Keynote Report. Discover how best to advertise sustainability efforts as an operator to consumers, learn how to capitalize on upcycling and get Upcycled Certified products, and more.

Download the report now to learn more.

What's covered:

  • Best ways to advertise and promote sustainability efforts
  • The top eco-friendly concepts you need to know
  • Opportunities for upcycling and using Upcycled Certified products
  • A special Q&A with the CEO of Upcycled Food Association 
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Insights in this report:

Glass Jars

46% of consumers limit their use of disposables or single-use plastics  

Reusable Bag

57% of consumers use reusable bags when shopping

Upcycled Carrots

20% of operators feature dishes that include upcycled ingredients