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Simply Smarter Series

Food & AI:
Theory & Practice

Discover how AI is being leveraged across foodservice, insights on consumer and operator appetite for AI, and what's ahead.



Practical AI Applications in Foodservice

You’ve heard plenty about AI, but struggling to see how it could fit into (and help) your food business? This webinar is for you. 

Discover the latest research from Datassential experts on a range of questions that are specific to food businesses of all types, including what consumers want to see in new technology, what they don’t, and what efforts operators are already undertaking to weave in AI to better run their businesses. 

Chains from Shake Shack to Pizza Hut are already putting AI to work, whether it's to create new menu items, reduce food waste or make personalized recommendations on a customer’s mood. There are opportunities both big and small that can make an outsized impact. 

It will be a valuable hour no matter where you are on the technology spectrum, and there will be helpful insights to carry with you. 

Here's what you'll learn:

  • The latest consumer and operator AI research
  • Examples of AI already at work in foodservice
  • Recommendations based on specific food industry needs
  • A look at what’s ahead in AI in front and back of house