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Healthy Trends

Dive into a discussion on the state of health in the food and beverage industry and gain insights into the latest healthy eating trends. Explore consumer behavioral data beyond just food, including nutrition and exercise. Learn what ‘healthy’ means to consumers and how restaurants are approaching ‘healthy’, plus recent and relevant trends like forest bathing, mouth tape, colostrum, and CGMs. 

Stay informed and make data-driven decisions to meet the evolving needs of health-conscious consumers. 

DS LP_Simply Smarter_Health and the F&B Industry

In this webinar, Datassential experts share:

  • How the definition of “healthy” is changing (yet again) in 2024
  • Surprising consumer behavioral data around health today
  • Health insights from outside the food industry and how they could suggest what’s ahead
  • How operators can glean consumer insights from trends outside of food